How much is shipping?

Shipping within mainland UK is £17.00

– £8.50 collection

– £8.50 return

I’m not sure what needs doing to my shoes.

If you are unsure on what needs doing to your shoes we have an assessment option for you. This is on the homepage.

Or if you would like to send us some images first please send them to shop@busybeenewmarket.co.uk

How long does it take?

All repair work varies and it would all depend on what it is you are having done.

Rough estimate would be 7-10 working days – different repairs may be longer.

If ordering an assessment you will be contacted by phone or email and an estimated time of repair will be given to you.

I haven’t received my label?

All UPS labels are sent to the email address attached to orders, please double check you have entered the correct email.

If still not received within 24 hours please email us at shop@busybeenewmarket.co.uk

What if I miss my collection?

We send all UPS labels and details of collection to the email that has been attached to the order, so when placing your order please double check you have entered the correct email address.

We will not be responsible if customer does not receive this due to the wrong email being put on the order.

When sending over the label we always offer to have a look for your local UPS drop off point as not everyone can be available at the shipping address for the collection date given. We will need to be notified if customers would like to do so.

I have a few pairs of shoes do I need to put them all in one box?

One label per order is issued by email, so all shoes/boots will need to be put into one box.